Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not that I had readers to lose, but...

...I have been busy with other projects, and unable to give this site the work I think/hope it will deserve from me in the future. That will change, now that baseball is in the postseason and heading into the offseason--for those who do not know, my primary job is as an analyst for Baseball Prospectus--so I plan on beefing up the content on this site considerably. First things first today though, as my first ever video game review is up over at Blast Magazine, an online entertainment magazine. That review is on the recent release of Dragon Quest IV for the Nintendo DS, and can be reached at the link above.

As for the video game content on this site, I plan on putting up a few lists, with reasoning behind the rankings. That should (A) give me some much needed practice writing about video games, instead of just talking about them and (B) add to the back catalog of posts on this blog, which, as you can tell by my two month plus absence, is nonexistent. The original plan was to make a massive list of my favorite games ever, but I felt myself reaching on some games in order to add to the list, so I scrapped that idea in favor of a Top 10 per genre set of lists. Most likely, I'll cover RPGs, platformers, action, FPS and side-scrolling/horizontal shooters (that's 50 games right there) though it's possible that puzzlers or point-and-click type adventures could get their own category or sub-category as well. That's something I plan on working on soon--not today, as I just wrote over 6,000 words in 24 hours thanks to the MLB playoffs starting up--but it will come in the near future. I promise.

No, seriously.

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