Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekly Wii Shop Goodies 10/6/08

Today's update to the Wii Shop is another entry into what has become a great stretch of weeks for the downloadable game service. For those of you who dig strategy RPGs, Shining Force II has made its way to U.S. shores. IGN makes a list of their Top 100 games of all-time annually, and in last year's edition, Shining Force II was ranked #48. I'll admit I'm not as big of a fan of the Shining Force series as I am of something like say, Fire Emblem, but the first one was a quality game that I enjoyed when it was released on the Virtual Console, so I'll be giving this a spin maybe as soon as today. Plus, it was made by Sonic Software Planning, who is now known as Camelot Software Planning, and Camelot rules. That's not the only Camelot release up for grabs this week though, as Nintendo also released Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64.

On the WiiWare side of things, we've got Midnight Bowling for 800 Wii Points and MadStone by Riverman Media, a falling blocks puzzle game. Most puzzle games with competitive two-player modes end up as a big hit in my apartment, though I eventually lose to my more puzzle-centric lady friend. Chances are good I'll download Shining Force II, and possibly MadStone, after I take a closer look at the mechanics of the puzzle. Here's a look at the trailer, for those inclined to check it out:

Looks pretty frantic, eh? If you download it and enjoy it, know that Riverman has another WiiWare game in the works, though an announcement is forthcoming on that.

For those of you who are enjoying Mega Man 9 on your Wii, the Proto Man DLC pack is also set to be available today. Some cry foul over the $2 increase in price tag for something that could have been (A) unlocked or (B) included in the original, but I say it's $2 on a $10 game. I waste more than $2 on games that aren't half as good as this more often than I should.

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